St Ninians Glazing, East Renfrewshire


The Project

The large glazed atrium above the main entrance to St. Ninians provided a less than welcoming reception for visitors. This large glazed feature had leaking from the day it was installed, causing on-going damage to the internal fabric of the building.

The client requested Starfish Construction’s assistance in providing a long-term cost effective solution to this inherent problem. Our skilled Technical & Design staff quickly diagnosed that a curtain walling system had been incorrectly used as a roof glazing system.

A new system was designed, fabricated and installed.

It was essential that the new panels be designed, fabricated and installed in as short a timescale as possible to minimize disruption to the teaching curriculum.

Starfish Construction were able to meet the challenges of working in a live school environment and delivered the project within the preset parameters.

Fast Facts:

  • Building occupied by children attending summer clubs
  • Crashdeck scaffolding utilised
  • 12 year old historic leaks solved
  • Unique system designed, fabricated and installed
  • Life expectancy of 40 years

Project Data:

Value: £195,000
Area: 265m2
Duration: 8 weeks

Client Testimonial:

St Ninians Facilities Manager

“We had commissioned a number of Technical Reports in an attempt to resolve the on-going issue of water ingress into the reception area from the Glazed Atrium. This problem remained unresolved since the school extension was opened in 2001.

We were impressed by the quality of Starfish Construction’s Free Technical Report and their ability to quickly ascertain the root cause of the rainwater ingress. The building had to remain watertight throughout the works. Starfish Construction delivered on their promise, which was to install a new Custom Designed Roof Glazing system whilst safeguarding the pupils, teaching staff and the interior of the building.”


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