Munro & Miller (Ezeflow) Factory Modernisation


The Project

Ezeflow, the Canadian Multi-national Pipe Fitting Corporation decided to upgrade there UK Headquarters in Livingston, Starfish Construction was an Easyfit.
Ezeflow and Starfish Construction’s synergistic corporate values included having Health & Safety as their Number 1 priority. The key deciding factor in appointing Starfish Construction to remove and dispose of 3,750m2 of profiled wall cladding containing an asbestos coating and replace with a new Plastisol Coated profiled sheet was the experience of their management team and the highly trained directly employed Site Personnel.

Safely remove 3,750m2 of Galbestos coated profiled metal wall cladding whilst the foundry remained in fully productivity. The large wall sheets had to be removed without endangering the safety of the foundry workers or compromising the environment, whilst ensuring the building remained wind and watertight.
The foundry required a substantial amount of artificial lighting due to a lack of natural daylight.

Starfish Construction’s highly trained and experienced Management Team and Site Personnel safely removed the defective asbestos containing sheets and disposed from site. A new Euroclad 0.7mm thick Plastisol coated profiled metal sheet was installed with a new insulation quilt and the introduction of translucent wall cladding which greatly enhanced the amount of natural daylight entering the building.


  • External appearance of the Factory greatly enhanced.
  • Internal working environment improved
  • 30% increase in the amount of natural daylight entering the factory
  • Substantial Increase In Thermal Efficiency Produces Large Energy Savings
  • Project delivered Safely, On Time and Within Budget
  • No disruption to Factory Output or Productivity

Munro & Miller (Ezeflow) Factory Modernisation, Livingston

Starfish Construction were employed to complete a full strip-out and refurbishment of the galbestos wall cladding.

Project Data:
Value: £175k
Area: 3750m2
Duration: 12 weeks

Client Testimonial:

Michel Trepanier, Chief Operating Officer

“The removal of the defective asbestos containing wall cladding was of great concern to our Management. It was essential that this delicate process was handled sensitively without an unnecessary disruption to our Factory which was working at fully capacity.

After a process of due diligence we duly appointed Starfish Construction. We were attracted to their professionalism, their accreditations, investment in training and their track record of service delivery.

We were deeply satisfied with the way the Project was delivered. It has changed our working environment beyond recognition.”

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